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About  HerBulk
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Herbulk Chinese Herbs was founded with one goal in mind: to develop and sell the best Chinese herbs. Traditional Chinese medicine has a rich history with over thousands of years. Even today, it plays a critical role in our daily life. With the development of healthcare market, Herbulk seizes every opportunity to be stronger.
Herbulk set out to create something distinctive and stood out from this industry. After spending several years in the unremitting endeavor of excellence, our products have been officially selected by more than 20 schools of Oriental Medicine, which are professional practitioners. Herbulk now is the leading Chinese herbs supplier in China and we have increasing amount of customers from around the world.
Firstly, our herbs are purely natural, which are mostly wild harvested but some herbs are farm grown to protect their natural habitats and meet increasing market demands. Secondly, all the Chinese herbs are manufactured in GMM-certified facilities. Finally, we are committed to offer you the best products with absolutely reasonable prices.
Besides, we continually update treatment formulas for new conditions and provide new information about traditional Chinese herbs. We would like to help you enhance your health conditions.